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Are you across the economics of replacing costly disconnected proprietary databases with unifying open source web applications ?

If you aren't yet, now might be the right time to sharpen those pencils and dust off the calculator. And what to do with the access databases that appeared with the autonomous department growth - they sneaked in unannounced with the mergers and acquisitions and have been supported uncosted for years - and remember the good old days where infrastructure topology was actually designed to host "Trusted Management Independent Operations" and unfettered multiples of the same job functions and role descriptions ? The hazy days before your team began moving together as a brilliant coherent unit ...

Those databases are annals of your corporate information history and contain infinitely valuable data commodities. They are ledgers of risk, exposure and mitigation, sales and marketing programs and results, operations planning procedures and process, and are veritable gold mines lined with potentially massive levels of asset value write-up and profitable opportunities !

And it would be remiss not to mention the staggering high costs of the proprietary per user/seat model software behemoths that have seemingly worked natural wonders in building your organisation all the while inhibiting the scaling up of your operations through annuity licence subscriptions to exactly the same rigidly enforced business models they sell to everyone else !

Times changed, best practices evolved and open source technology is the new driving force in innovation and the future of optimum business. Wouldn't it simply be better now to just bring everything together into web business with access and actions that you have complete control over the design and usability of ?

If some small part of this resonates with you - why not take a little timeout, take a few nice long breaths, finish that magnificent aromatic coffee, and then make contact with us (scroll down for the Contact Form) and together we can discuss BRINGING IT TOGETHER !

Michael McDonald

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